History of Montessori

History of Campbell Montessori

  • Founded June 1989, as St. Charles Montessori Academy at 1250 Hawk’s Nest Drive, in St. Charles. 
  • Miriam Gutting, who was the first Montessori Teacher, became the director of the school.
  • In the fall of 1992, St. Charles Montessori Academy had a full complement of children and parents asked for an elementary program.
  • In 1995, the school applied for and received not-for-profit status.
  • In September, the school enrolled five children in its first elementary class, with a fully qualified Montessori elementary teacher
  • In the spring of 1996, Scott Campbell approached donated 6½ acres of property at Cave Springs Road and Ehlmann Road in St. Peters.
  • In July 1997, the school, now renamed Campbell Montessori School, moved to the beautiful new 10,000 square foot building.  Housing three primary classrooms and one toddler classroom, as well as office space, a conference room, kitchen, and multi-purpose room.
  • In October, 2008, the school broke ground on a new 6,000 square foot upper school building, which currently houses a lower elementary 6-9 class, an upper elementary 9-12 class, a library and a combination art room and science lab.
  • The greenhouse, our newest addition, added in 2011.
  • Retiring at the end of 2012, Miriam Gutting was joined the Board.
  • Sandy Hershey became Executive Director in August of 2014.
    The parents have played and continue to play an important part in the growth and development of the school through their input, recommendations to friends, and fund raising activities.

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After 27 years of providing a high quality Montessori education, Campbell Montessori School will close its doors on May 26, 2017. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of these happy years. You are all invited to our last graduation and picnic on May 26, 2017. We hope to see many alumni at this great event!

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