St Louis Preschool Programs

St. Louis Preschool Programs at Campbell Montessori in St. Charles

Private Preschool and Kindergarten Age Instruction

The St. Charles Campbell Montessori School is a non-profit school that offers children in St. Louis preschool programs designed to develop basic skills that will prepare a child with a strong foundation for later academic work.  We follow very high standards with our school programs.  Our school and staff follow the guidelines set forth by the Association Montessori International.  We offer private daycare for children 18-30 months old and provide preschool children (2 ½ to six years old) with a program to develop the basics of life skills and a foundation for later academic success.

Contact Campbell Montessori School or call us at 636-477-8200 for further information.  You are welcome to schedule a visit to the school.

Campbell Montessori Educational Programs

Campbell Montessori’s private school programs, including Campbell Montessori’s St. Louis preschool programs, are age-appropriate class programs for the following class grades:

Parents, please request a tour of the Campbell Montessori School in order to learn more about our programs and to tour our campus.

Developing Basic Skills to Last a Lifetime

The St. Charles/St. Louis Preschool Program or Primary Program at your Campbell Montessori School focuses on four basic areas of instruction.  We develop skill sets in order to prepare preschool and kindergarten age children with basics life skills along with fulfilling age-appropriate educational instruction.

The four focus areas include:

  • Practical Life Skills—this includes developing skills for taking care of oneself, keeping work areas orderly, choosing tasks, cleaning up after oneself, and learning kindness and respect for other children and/or adults.
  • Sensorial Experience—we expose children or preschoolers to a variety of stimuli combined with academic instruction; this includes learning about colors, distinguishing sounds, shapes, and textures with materials specifically designed for preschool age children. We focus on strengthening perceptions and observations about objects including manipulating objects.  Additionally, we focus on organizational skills and developing a foundation for understanding abstract concepts.  Children are also exposed to music and reading.
  • Language Skills—this includes introducing children to reading, writing, proper grammar and basic language concepts. We also introduce children to a wide range of subjects that include the basic sciences and other subjects such as botany, geography, or even zoology.
  • Mathematics Skills—we introduce children to the basics of math concepts including numbers, place values, regrouping and set theories, and of course basics including adding and subtraction.

Developing a Foundation for Learning

Our approach and methodology is unique to St. Louis preschool programs.  This approach to developing these four basic areas of essential skills and general socialization with other children tends to develop a wide range of age-appropriate skills.  Some of these skills include:

  • Self-discipline or self-control skills
  • Patience with others
  • Respect for other children, adults and respect for the possessions of others
  • Kindness and respect for other children’s workspace
  • Ability to share with other children
  • Good work habits for a strong academic foundation
  • Independence and developing interest in various subjects, concepts and ideas
  • Self-confidence and age-appropriate self-reliance
  • The desire to help others

Visit the St. Charles Campbell Montessori School

Parents are welcome to schedule a visit to the Campbell Montessori School in St. Charles, Missouri.  We are easy to find, just follow the directions to the location of the Campbell Montessori School.  We also have extended day programs and age-appropriate curriculum for older children that are ready for full days of classroom work.

You can contact the Campbell Montessori School with your questions about our programs and admission policy.  Please feel free to e-mail us at for additional information, or call us at (636) 477-8200.