St Louis Daycare Reviews

St. Louis Daycare Reviews—Campbell Montessori Provides a Caring Environment

“The children in the toddler room work at their own pace and are free to become fully absorbed in the material they are working with.”—Parent Testimonial on the Campbell-Montessori website

Read St. Louis Daycare Reviews and Visit Campbell Montessori

Regardless of your final choice of daycare services for your child or children, consider reading St. Louis daycare reviews from parents with children attending the Campbell Montessori School in St. Charles, Missouri.  We encourage parents to find reviews online about any daycare facility.  We hope that parents will take the time to learn about the unique Montessori approach for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten-age children, and our educational programs for elementary children.

Campbell Montessori offers unique daycare services in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Our Toddler Program helps young children develop basic skills, learn respect for other children, and learn basic academic skills that will provide a strong foundation for preschool and elementary education.

Read about parent experiences and St. Louis daycare reviews or testimonials about Campbell-Montessori’s Toddler Program.  Additionally, we have more information for parents regarding daycare services.

Non-Profit Daycare Provider and School

The Campbell Montessori School is a not-for-profit educational organization.  We have high-quality standards and comply fully with the Association Montessori International’s approach to education.  AMI’s objective is to maintain standards of excellence in education, instruction and to uphold the principles of AMI’s founder, Dr. Maria Montessori—learn about the Montessori mission and history.

We invite parents to contact the Campbell Montessori School to learn about our daycare services and educational programs.  Parents are welcome to schedule a visit to the Campbell Montessori campus and to discuss your situation regarding toddler daycare services or preschool instruction.  Parents can contact Campbell Montessori School at (636) 477-8200.

St. Charles Daycare Toddler Program

Campbell Montessori offers parents a caring environment and private daycare for toddlers 18-30 months old.  We also offer instruction for preschool age children ranging from 2½ to 6 years old. Montessori programs are available for 18-month old toddlers to 12-year old children, which includes age-appropriate academic instruction and classes.  We also focus our instructional efforts on helping children to develop social skills that are essential for lifelong learning, and for appropriate interaction with peers or adults.

Campbell Montessori’s educational programs and daycare services include:

St. Louis preschool programs are also quite helpful for preparing young children for kindergarten.  We offer educational instruction to build a basic academic foundation for success.

We urge parents to investigate any candidate school or daycare service before deciding on a program for your toddler or child.  We hope you will find St. Louis daycare reviews and testimonials about the Montessori approach to age-appropriate instruction.

Daycare Services and Educational Instruction

The Campbell Montessori School offers half-day and full daycare services for toddlers and preschool age children in a caring environment.  Our Primary Program helps children build practical life skills and a foundation for continuing education.  We help children to comprehend and categorize sensorial experiences and interactions with the environment.  Additionally, we assist toddlers and children with age-appropriate language, mathematics and other educational basics.

Our daycare program offers activities that comprise practical life experiences such as lessons in courtesy, age-appropriate interactions with other children including patience, politeness, respect, independence, self-discipline and other skills.  We also assist young children with practical physical skills including using tableware, cleaning up after work or play, manipulating and using everyday items, and in general interacting with the environment.

Parents are welcome to schedule a visit to the St. Charles Campbell Montessori School and visit our pleasant campus, which is conveniently located near I-70—find the St. Charles Campbell Montessori School.

You can contact the Campbell Montessori School, email us at, or call the Campbell Montessori School at (636) 477-8200.