St Louis Affordable Daycare

Options in St. Louis for Affordable Daycare

St. Louis Affordable Daycare and Preschool Options

Parents have options in St. Louis for affordable daycare services at the Campbell Montessori School in St. Charles, Missouri.  We provide more than basic daycare for toddlers and preschool-age children—we provide a practical alternative to general daycare services combined with an educational approach that helps young children learn many basics while preparing for kindergarten and elementary school classes.

Campbell Montessori provides parents with half-day and full day services with our Toddler Program and Preschool Program, Our staff concentrates on age-appropriate instruction and developing basic and foundational academic and socialization skills.  We help toddlers and young children understand how to interact with other children and how to comprehend, distinguish and categorize environmental stimuli.  Unlike many daycare providers in the St. Louis metropolitan area, we are first-and-foremost a school.  We offer parents educational options and an alternative for toddlers and young children by combining our St. Charles affordable daycare services with age-appropriate instruction.

Parents are welcome to contact the Campbell Montessori School and schedule a visit to our St. Charles campus.  You can call us at 636-477-8200.

Flexible Daycare Options

Although the Montessori educational approach originally concentrated on the educational needs of developmentally challenged and economically disadvantaged children, our current programs accommodate daycare services for toddlers and preschool age children through 12 years of age.  We offer educational classes and instruction from kindergarten through elementary school grade levels.

Flex care options and a flexible approach to instruction are beneficial for parents and children alike.  We offer parents an early arrival option (starting at 6:45 am), half-day and full day options for toddlers and preschool age children.  Additionally, we offer extended care options and flexible school hours for after-school activities and alternative programs.  Learn more about Flex Care services at the Campbell Montessori School.

An Alternative to Daycare—Campbell Montessori’s Toddler Program

As educators who offer parents in St. Louis affordable daycare options, we begin instruction before formal primary grade levels.  We help young children to develop basic comprehension skills and we provide instruction tailored to build a foundation for later academic success.  Our Toddler Program provides parents with a daycare alternative.  At this level of service, we provide a comfortable and caring environment for walking toddlers aged 18-30 months.  At this age, children acutely observe their environment, but need instruction in how to process the information and how to interact with other toddlers and children.

Schedule a visit to the St. Charles Campbell Montessori School.

Besides general daycare services, our staff will assist your toddler with comprehending the general environment and how to understand, differentiate and categorize sensory stimuli.  We also assist toddlers with learning how to interact appropriately with other children.  By utilizing a systematic approach that incorporates instruction for toddlers with daycare services, we can concentrate on foundational skills including social interaction, comprehending environmental stimuli, developing basic language skills, and distinguishing sensorial stimuli.

Parents in St. Louis, affordable daycare services and alternative instruction are available—take advantage of the Campbell Montessori School.  Our staff gladly assists toddlers and children with age-appropriate instruction.  At this level of service, we help toddlers with the following:

  • Self-identification and age-appropriate independence
  • Practical life skills including general hygiene tasks, orderliness, independent eating, setting tables, washing dishes, using the toilet independently, and many other similar and practical skills
  • Dexterity skills including handling objects, basic cleanup skills, folding clothing, sweeping, mopping, how to pour drinks, and wide range of other activities
  • Learning respect for others
  • Learning how to wait politely

Your options in St. Louis for affordable daycare include early educational instruction.  In the Toddler Program and the Preschool Program, we assist children with understanding general basic language and education concepts including:

  • Foundational English language development and comprehension
  • How to create mental categories and associations
  • How to differentiate and identify objects (size, shape, texture, color, smell and relational relevance)
  • How to comprehend relationships and associations by developing acuity skills through exploring environmental stimuli such as textures such as clay, water, wooden items, sand, rocks or other objects
  • Developing and enhancing complex reasoning skills
  • Learning basic math concepts, numbers, groupings and basic adding and subtraction

If you are a parent in St. Louis with affordable daycare requirements, then we urge you to learn more about our educational approach and to visit our campus.  You are welcome to learn about Campbell Montessori’s admissions policy and to review answers online about our Primary Program.  Parents with preschool age children can learn about Campbell Montessori’s Preschool Program as well.

Parents are welcome to tour the Campbell Montessori School and visit our Toddler Room and campus.  Contact the Campbell Montessori School with your questions, or email us at for additional information.  Parents are welcome to call us at 636-477-8200.