St Charles Preschool Programs

St. Charles Preschool Programs for St. Louis Area Students

Focus on a Child’s Current Abilities and Developing Skills

The Campbell Montessori St. Charles preschool programs help children learn academic basics, responsibility, respect, patience, orderliness and other basic skills. Whether your child has developmental problems or just requires a specialized approach to learning the basics in preparation for public schooling, or further private schooling, the Campbell Montessori educational model offers parents options not available in many public elementary schools or kindergarten classes.

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With our focus on assisting children with developing basic social interaction skills, responsibility, and general social and academic basics, we provide a structured, yet flexible environment tailored to the specific needs of children.  Our Primary Program accommodates children 2½ years to six years old with the options of a shortened day for younger children and a full day of school for older preschool age children.  Daycare services are also available for very young children.

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St. Charles Preschool Programs:  Primary Program Basics

Your options for St. Charles preschool programs at Campbell Montessori include a half-day program for younger preschoolers and a full day curriculum for preschoolers and kindergarten-age children.


We designed our St. Charles preschool programs to help children develop basic social skills and age-appropriate academic basics.  Our academic instruction focuses on four core academic principles along with the associated skill sets.

  • Language Skills—basic academic skills covering English, writing, grammar, reading and introducing children to general academic concepts including topics such as botany, geography, zoology and/or basic science concepts
  • Basic Mathematics Skills—including numbers, adding, subtracting, and basic mathematics concepts covering numeration, set theory, groupings, and place values
  • Practical Life Skills—including an emphasis on kindness and respect for classmates, basic skills covering orderliness, keeping a work environment clean and how to take care of oneself
  • Sensorial Experiences and Abstract Concepts—including introducing children to sensory materials that provide a foundation for abstract thought including colors, sounds, shapes, textures, three dimensional manipulation, understanding perceptions, and other concepts covering a range of diverse concepts including music theory
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In addition to academic basics, St. Charles area, Campbell Montessori preschool programs promote basic social skills including self-discipline, independence, self-confidence, self-reliance, good work habits, respect for others, sharing, patience, and promoting a desire to participate in social activities and to make a difference in the world.

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Parents are welcome to tour our facilities and learn more about the preschool (or daycare) programs available to St. Charles and St. Louis area students.  We also provide instruction for older children as well.

Parents, please feel free to schedule a tour of the Campbell Montessori School. You can contact the Campbell Montessori School with questions, call us at (636) 477-8200, or e-mail us at for additional information.