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St. Charles Daycare Providers—Campbell Montessori's Toddler Program

More than Just Daycare, Preparation for Preschool

The Campbell Montessori School, your St. Charles daycare providers, offers a great alternative to basic daycare services.  Our Toddler Program (Preschool Programs available) focuses on basic developmental skills and assisting children with learning how to interact with others and the surrounding environment.  Unlike many daycare providers, we are a school, not baby-sitters.

Originally, the overall Montessori educational approach focused on the needs of economically disadvantaged and developmentally challenged children, but our current programs accommodate almost any child at any grade level.

Contact the Campbell Montessori School or call us at (636) 477-8200.

Toddler Program at St. Charles Campbell Montessori

As educators and your St. Charles daycare providers, we provide St. Louis area parents with the options of half-day and full daycare programs.  All of our daycare services include age-appropriate education in a comfortable, caring environment.  Our alternative to basic daycare focuses on children 18-30 months (preschool services available for older children), and developing basic interactional skills appropriate to toddlers that are now walking and acutely observing their world, parents and beginning to interact with other children.

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Campbell Montessori’s Toddler Program focuses on helping toddlers understand their environment, interact with other children (basic socialization skills), and to experience and differentiate sense experiences.  We help toddlers thrive with a systematic approach to interacting with various environmental stimuli, developing language comprehension skills and functioning in the physical environment by developing sensorial skills.

Your St. Charles daycare providers at the Campbell Montessori School will assist your toddler with age-appropriate practical life skills.  At this level, our focus is to help toddlers understand:

  • Self-identification and age-appropriate independence
  • Practical life skills including dressing, brushing hair and teeth (hygiene skills), putting away toys, eating independently, helping to set tables and wash dishes, use the toilet, and other skills
  • Handling objects and tasks such as pouring, folding clothes, sweeping, mopping, handling objects and basic cleanup skills
  • Respect and learning to wait for others to eat, greeting other children politely and respecting other children’s workspace or toys

Additionally, we help toddlers with general sensorial skills and language comprehension including:

  • Matching and identifying objects (size, color, smell, shape, texture, etc.)
  • Creating mental categories and basic language development
  • Developing special relationship comprehension and acuity skills and exploring textures like clay, sand, water, rocks and other objects in order to develop more complex acuity skills such as putting together puzzles

Parents, please feel free to schedule a tour of the Campbell Montessori School and a visit to our Toddler Room.

You can contact the Campbell Montessori School with questions, e-mail us at for additional information or call us at (636) 477-8200.