Preschools in St Charles

Preschools in St. Charles, Missouri (St. Louis Metropolitan Area)

Academic Preparation at Preschools in St. Charles

Parents, if you are looking for daycare programs or preschools in St. Charles, the Campbell Montessori School has a wide range of options for toddlers, preschools and for elementary school-age children.  We welcome parents to review our St. Charles preschool program.  Parents in St. Charles County, Missouri, or elsewhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area, are welcome to take advantage of our private preschool program options for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Campbell Montessori School follows an academic approach originally designed to focus on the needs of children with developmental issues and for poor children with little educational opportunities.  Dr. Montessori’s approach allows children to focus on their interests, while maintaining an educational methodology that promotes age-appropriate instruction.  By focusing on the fundamentals, respect for others, understanding environmental stimuli, and by allowing a child to explore interests, we find that many children learn quickly without relying as heavily on traditional memorization techniques that frequently bore many children (particularly for children that may be at a more advanced level than many peers of the same age).

Choose Campbell Montessori’s Primary Program

If you choose preschools in St. Charles as your best option, the Primary Program at the Campbell Montessori School will focus on developing your child’s (or children’s) skills in foundational academics and age-appropriate instruction.  We promote learning respect for others, while helping child explore their own interests.  The Primary Program focuses upon:

  • Developing age-appropriate practical life skills
  • Processing sensorial experiences and understanding environmental stimuli
  • Primary language skills (learning age-appropriate reading and writing skills)
  • Basic foundational mathematics

Learn more about the Montessori approach/educational method today; or schedule a tour of the St. Charles Campbell Montessori School.

Campbell Montessori’s Academic Programs

We invite parents to learn more about all of our programs from affordable daycare services, to elementary school preparation with preschool-level instruction, to elementary and middle school classes.  Learn more about preschools in St. Charles by investigating your options.  Be sure to choose a preschool for your child or children that will assist you with preparatory classes for elementary school.  Campbell Montessori offers educational programs for preschoolers and has courses and programs through middle school grade levels.

Campbell Montessori School Programs

  • Toddler Program – more than just an affordable daycare services; we promote basic and age-appropriate learning including understanding environmental stimuli and how to respectfully interact with peers and adults
  • Preschool/Primary Program – this program focuses on elementary school preparation (foundational academic instruction) and age-appropriate socialization skills for preschoolers 2-½ years to six year olds; review our Primary Program FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions, and to learn more about our program and instructional approach

Our school-grade equivalent courses and instructional programs also include:

  • Elementary Program – focus on elementary school grade levels for children ages 6 to 12 years old; review our Elementary Program FAQ for additional information; we provide instruction in the academic basics for kindergarten through 5th grade and we focus on helping students learn foundational academic skills while exploring their own, independent learning interests

Parents, learn more about our admissions information, and review your options with our Flex Care Program, early arrival options, and after-school care and educational coursework.

You can call the St. Charles Campbell Montessori School at (636) 477-8200, or email us at